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Very large choice of Authentic Tunisian Foutas eco-friendly made of 100% combed cotton of superior quality


The FOUTA : A beautiful history


The Fouta is an accessory escaped from the hammam which found itself later everywhere on the beaches, the cupboards and the travel bags! victim of its success this small accessory became the must-have item at home!

Essentially used as a beach towel, the fouta knew how to democratize its use, in bath towel, in tablecloth, or in decoration, it has it all!

It has it all, thanks to a multitude of uses

The foutas became essential for the beach, the hammam, the sauna but also when finishing a bath at home or as decoration on a sofa.

Indeed, its multiple textile and ergonomic qualities make it pleasant, practical, as well as durable and eco-responsible!

Easy to carry, you can use it everywhere as a beach towel, a pareo, a sport towel, as well as a hammam towel, a sauna towel or a relaxing massage towel...

And that's not all! In addition to the bath linen, it can also be used as a decoration in your home. Thrown on a corner of the sofa, at the foot of the bed or as a tablecloth, it will bring an undeniable charm and an original touch to your decoration.

 The Fouta, Queen of benefits...

With its 350 gr. to 400 gr. of cotton and its generous dimensions 100cm x 200 cm, the fouta remains light, soft, absorbent, and dries very quickly! Made in resistant weaving, it lasts in time and resists to the numerous washings.

Thanks to all these reasons, it is slowly taking the place of the heavy and difficult to dry terry towel in our closets.

 The benefits of the fouta:

✓ Light: 400g max for the standard fouta, with a tight weave to resist washing and to last in time; It is far from the weight of a terry towel of identical dimensions! You will not feel it in your suitcase...

✓ Dries quickly: Ideal for winter and summer, you won't have to wait long for it to dry: its 100% cotton fabric is one of the fastest fabrics to dry.

 ✓ Doesn't take up space: Easy to fold, it is more practical to travel light, for a picnic, for a trip to the sea, or in your weekend bag.

 ✓ Large size: 100cm x 200cm for the basic version, already a classic!

 ✓ Soft: the technique of braiding fine but tight fibers gives it a great flexibility, a good resistance and a softness which makes its contact with the skin very pleasant...

 ✓... And in addition to that, it is also eco-friendly!


The Fouta: an eco-friendly Beach Towel !

Fouta Tunisia works with an eco-friendly cotton, either in recycled cotton or by buying the ends of reels from large spinning and weaving industries of major European brands, this collaboration between European factories and weaving workshops in Tunisia exists for over 50 years! This explains the infinite number of colors in the foutas, as nothing is lost! All the spools are used up to the last meter of thread!

Manufactured in short circuit, our know-how is simple, our weaving workshop allows to put forward the local craft industry through artisanal braiding techniques while respecting the values of work and the good functioning of the production chain. The weaving being done mechanically, the finishing of the borders being done manually in cooperatives.

The Fouta, how to take care of it:

As the fouta is woven with 100% combed cotton, it is very resistant to washing.

Since it is made of natural cotton, it shrinks by 1 or 2 centimeters during the first washing, then it stabilizes. A wash at 30% and a good folding just after drying is enough to give it back its softness and its final aspect for a few years!

 The extra pluses at Fouta Tunisia

 Fouta Tunisia is:

✓ A small SME among giants. Number 1 in European sales of Tunisian foutas

 ✓ Affordable prices and optimal quality!

 ✓ A very fast or standard delivery near your home, according to your choice!

 ✓ Satisfied or money back! A return is always possible if you wish it!

 ✓ A work to order, for your events, establishments, demonstrations, weddings... We study all the requests and we try to answer them in order to satisfy our customers.

 ✓ Everywhere and in all the continents


Fouta Tunisia delivers everywhere in the world, in detail or in bulk, from America, South America, Australia, to the Islands in the middle of the Oceans, thanks to our partner DHL in the international or UPS in France we deliver everywhere!

So, welcome among our customers!

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