What does Fouta mean?

Foutas are lightweight cotton towels traditionally used in hammams. They are made by families in Tunisia for many generations and are often woven by local artisans. They are also known as hammam towels or peshtemal in Turkey, and are used in baths for covering the body and for drying after, or for lounging on in the hammam.


What is the characteristic of a Fouta?

First, the cotton of a fouta is made of very long fibers, which means it does not need seams, it is resistant over time and results in a softer and silkier feeling. Secondly, unlike terry cloth, which stiffens and becomes rough with washing, the cotton used to weave foutas becomes softer with each wash. Finally, it dries and absorbs moisture quickly because it is very lightweight.


How to use a Fouta?

In addition to daily use, foutas are great accessories and excellent travel companions for sports, travel, gym, sauna, or boating. They have become a very popular beach accessory. They are both simple and chic. In addition to being beautiful, they are extremely versatile and can be used as sarongs, shawls, curtains, tablecloths, couch blankets, or bedspreads.


How to wash a Fouta?

How do you take care of your Fouta?

Wash your Fouta in a washing machine at 30°. Once washed, let it dry in the open air. We advise you not to put the Fouta in a dryer as heat can damage the cotton fibers. It is important to note that harsh chemicals are not recommended for cotton fibers in general.


What is a Fouta made of?

Foutas are made from 100% natural cotton produced in ethically working looms in Tunisia for generations.

The cotton used to weave Foutas is a high-quality cotton with extra long fibers. Using longer cotton fibers means less connections, resulting in stronger and smoother cotton threads.


What is the classic size of a Fouta?


Foutas for the hammam or beach are generally 200cmx100cm with a weight of 200gr/m2, allowing it to cover the body and keep a nice suppleness without being bulky and heavy. XXL Foutas are often used for multiple people on the beach or at home as a coverlet or throw pillow, they measure 200cmx300cm. For beach Foutas for couples they measure 200cm x 200cm


How long does a Fouta last?

A Fouta can last for years and retain their strength and absorbency. They will last longer than a cotton terry towel. There is a step after purchase to ensure maximum absorbency and softness, it is to wash them in cold water before use. In addition to being durable, they are affordable to purchase.

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