What is a fouta? a foota? a futah? a foutha?

This beautiful fabric is at the origin, the ancestor of the terry towel. At the time of public baths and hammams, mechanics did not exist.

The weaving was done with wooden looms. This tradition has remained and has been improved.

Today the fouta has kept its artisan side since the fringes are still braided by hand.

 the fouta beach towel

Authentic and ecological by its thrifty side since tradition dictates that originally and still today, we use the ends of cones from large textile productions to weave foutas, hence the thousands of colors and the variety of models offered.

This large cotton bath towel has therefore dethroned the terry towel with its many advantages.

Very trendy on the beaches and very appreciated for its essential qualities, light, resistant, it is multi-use. It can be worn as a pareo at the beach or as a stole on a cool evening.

fouta light

Its different measures and ease of maintenance allow it to be used as a tablecloth, plaid, or bedspread ...

Thanks to its tight weave, the fouta has enabled us to offer a range of accessories such as beach bags, make-up pouches, kitchen apron and surf ponchos.

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