What is fouta ?

The best beach Towel

The fouta is a piece of thin patterned cotton or linen fabric used in many Mediterranean countries, originally Tunisian.

It refers to a fabric that attaches to its size by entering the hammam. made of a very good woven cotton it is fine, soft and very absorbent. The manufacture of the Fouta is artisanal, men engaged in weaving with prica loom semi-automatic which requires a lot of physical effort, and women generally are concerned with finishing by hand!

fouta towels

The must-have accessory you can tie around your waist or your chest, or sitting on it. . Experience the hammam according to Eastern traditions with that towel.

The trigger will be even more beautiful! Also give a new life to your briefcase by turning it into cloth, sarong, beach towel, scarf, plaid or other linens. As the Fouta hammam towel or linens, has many advantages.

It is an average light towel 400g, it is very absorbent and soft. Obtain foutas for your hammam sessions or go to the beach but also for various uses in everyday life at home. Available in various sizes, the standard measure size 1m by 2m. Many colors available, weaving side, two options: flat or honeycomb

Fouta Towel

Space-saving, the fouta perfectly replaces the traditional towel , often heavy. Choose a large size at the beach or at the pool, then it also will serve as a sarong, since you can easily wrap you in. To dry hair, choose a smaller one. Another advantage fouta dry quickly; the honeycomb is more absorbent than the flat.

In water, it is both practical and original. Indeed, it washes easily and allows you to brighten your tables. You can even cover your armchairs with, or use it on your sofa as a blanket. In addition, you now have the ability to customize your foutas through embroidery.

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