Express delivery to the address of your choice by express DHL 

  •        After validation of your order shipment take between 2 and 5 days 
  •        (Monday through Friday  - excluding holidays and special periods)
  •        Upon receipt of the shipment confirmation email, you can go on DHL site to track the delivery of your package by clicking here.

Exceptional time limit:

During the sales or the school holiday periods, the time may be temporarily extended. Deliveries and withdrawals for Christmas are insured for all orders placed before December 15. Thank you for your understanding.

Limitation of Liability:

Lead times are not binding and any delay in delivery of the parcel does not give right to damages from FOUTA TUNISIA.

In case of return of the package due to the absence of the customer, to a problem in the shipping address or an inability to receive the parcel, we will charge for the return shipment to the customer.

Command check:

Upon receipt of the package, it is up to the customer to control the delivered items (quality, quantity, compliance with the order, etc.).

No claim will be considered at the end of the seven day period from the date of receipt of the items. If legitimate claims and within the prescribed period, will be entitled to exchange or refund the product, without further compensation to the customer.

In case of deterioration of your package, you have the option of refuserson package. Notify Customer Service via the form contact available online by clicking here. We will then arrange to initiate a complaints procedure with the carrier. In case of dispute, the investigation may take up to 21 days.


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