Wholesale beach towels

Fouta Manufacturer supplier 

you can make order for wholesale beach towels at www.fouta.biz

We are Wholesaler leader in Tunisian Fouta beach towel, our customers are located in five continents,

As a manufacturer and wholesaler we can make custom foutas on demand. and provide wholesale fouta beach towels; flat, honeycomb, lurex, throws, tablecloths

a wide range of sizes is offered: 0.5 / 0.7m 0.7 / 1.3m 1 / 2m, 1.6 / 2.5m 2 / 2m 2 / 2.3 3m / 3m .... and a wide range of colors. The range of towels is updated regularly. The models and colors are renewed constantly.

All choices are available in our shop situated in Paris as well as in our store dedicated to wholesale at Colombes Paris.

We work for small and large quantities, we respond quickly to any request.

We also propose you to customize your foutas : You can create your own logo with your business name, store, spa, steam room, hotel ...

We offer you the possibility to choose the fouta beach towels directly (only dedicated to wholesale store near Paris and on appointment,) otherwise on photos and according to your instructions. We remain at your disposal for any further application customization. Delivery by carrier or from Paris or Tunis

for more information you can contact us :

Tél :(+33) 6 63 52 94 66 / (+216) 98 695425

Email: info@fouta.tn